Friday, December 08, 2006

Back to Life!

Today morning while waking up, I was very excited; a feeling like it was a much awaited day. “Good Morning Rani”, I wished myself while rising and starting my daily activities. I was smiling all the way through. I have never been so happy in recent times. To clarify, the recent times would mean like close to a month. It is somewhat the same time since I updated my blog. Not that I have too many readers, but I just didn’t feel too good about leaving it abandoned and uncared. So here I am back to life and the things I care.

Talking about the happy feeling today, I just can’t believe that I am finally completing my consult (consulting project) today. That too, it is happening three days ahead of the D day. This is not the first time I am completing a project ahead of the deadline but considering the high difficulty level, lack of information and the problems I have been facing at home, I am so glad it is getting over. It calls for a celebration. A much awaited one. I am thinking off treating my friends at office. In office, I know a treat is normally called for when there’s a birthday or a farewell, but I feel like celebrating the victory of work and the joy of coming out of problems. Those problems were really taunting and almost drained me out, but I managed to somehow survive and overcome them. I know it’s not something great, as nobody is devoid of problems in life. It comes and goes like a never ending saga. It can be compared to the rains in the monsoon, when first the clouds become dark; that’s the onset of the problem and the feeling of glumness. Then follows the thunder and lightening which is the extreme situation in the problem that can lead you to a state of insanity, if hope and the strength to pass are not upheld. Soon, comes a heavy downpour, which signals the outburst of happiness of survival or the end of the problem.

Every problem has to pass like every facet of seasons. How you deal with those problems, makes the difference. It is just mere luck which shows me the way to survival. The realization and the strength to overcome the difficulties strikes me just in time before I lose myself. Staying in an alien place is not something I would be constantly worried about given a choice. It is kind of bizarre. However I try, I fail to identify the metro city where I have been staying for the past one and a half years as anything but alien. It could be the after effect of the kind of troubles I have gone through, ranging from the harsh attitude of the auto drivers to the ‘never can be happy’ type roommates. I mean what else can I term people who love to fight and create problems in the house for preposterous reasons. The entire roommate bonding exercise seems to be of no use anymore. I am done with cribbing about my two roommates, both very good at hurting me with their abusive words. First I thought it was pms* which was bothering them, since they religiously created fights in the house once every month. Then I realized that they just could not be happy for long. They just needed to have tensions one way or the other, ultimately leading to fights. It is surprising to think that there are people who likes tensions, sadness and fights more than happiness. All my efforts in solving the problems at home went down in vain. In the end I decided to move out of the house, since I realized that it can never turn into ‘home sweet home’.

The day I realized that I was becoming the victim of uncalled trouble; my problems slowly began to vanish into thin air. The consult also turned out into a success. It does feel great!

Finally, I am back to life!

*Premenstrual stress


alpine path said...

Very true! Sometimes, you can't help being caught between people who take a vicarious pleasure in brewing up trouble. Glad that you understood that and congrats on your project too!

syrals said...

Thanks. I could have saved a lot of tensions and stress, if only the realization dared to come earlier. I guess its better late than never. :)