Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to one of my favorite things!

I am back. Precisely after 6 months. I am sure my readers are wondering what I was upto all this while. Why I disappeared without a trace?

I just could not write and I kept away from blogging. Is that all? Reluctantly, I can say that all this while I had a mental block towards writing. It is sad since the one thing I could always do without an effort is to write. So, the whole disappearing thing and the absence of blog posts is behind me now. I am back and will do my best to make sure that this blog is updated regularly without fail.

I would be kidding if I say that the layoff did not affect me. I thought I would be strong and survive post layoff, however, it took me a while to get back onto my feet. The job scenario was not helping either. There were few jobs available with hundreds of applicants. Interviews came up once in a while and I went through the whole recruitment process too. First round, second round and even final round. In the end, only to be still left jobless as always there was another person with at least 3 more years of experience than me. In the beginning it was exciting to have at least interviews, then it became frustrating to still not have a job in the end.

The feeling of bitterness to actually see another person who hardly works to still have a job, while I was laid off with my track record went through my mind. It made me feel sad. That was almost seven months ago. Now when I look at it, the whole thing did make me a better person. It taught me a life lesson. I know how to survive. I can survive.

Last month N graduated from his university with his MBA. It was a celebration in every way. Getting married and enrolling into business school the next month is not the ideal thing to do. However, the decision just worked out fine for us. Most MBA couples might debate this but we never had any setback in our relationship due to his MBA. On the other hand, I believe our togetherness encouraged him and helped him to do his best. Last month we also celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary in a small way. I felt it came too soon but enjoyed every bit of it.

I am pursuing even internships at the moment. Lets see how that goes. On the side, I am also planning to start a food blog. Cooking and trying out new recipes is a passion for me and I know I will definitely enjoy this. One thing I can assure you all is that this food blog will be different. I will keep you posted.


alpine path said...

Good to see you back!! Waiting for more posts. Do link/post the food posts on this one too!

Syrals said...

Sure. Thanks! :) Hope you are doing fine.I will post a link of the food blog here and keep you posted on it. Have fun!