Monday, September 28, 2009

September-One eventful month..

The month of September passed so fast for me. It was a busy month, with me juggling work, events and job search simultaneously. We celebrated Onam in the first week of the month. I volunteered for the 'Toronto International Film Festival’ for the next two weeks and in the midst of all this, continued my internship too. That reminds me, I will complete two months in my internship in few days and I just cannot believe it still. Time just flew. One more month to go and I am already feeling nervous. Hopefully I will end up getting a full time job somewhere soon.

Onam was as usual. Getting together with family, ofcourse there are lots of them; mainly my extended family. I wore the traditional Kerala sari and also savored the Onam Sadiya. The best part was eating it in the banana leaf and serving the food items to the elders, once all the children were finished with eating. You see, I am still considered a child and seated with all the children. :)

The best part of the events was the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). I never imagined the vast extent to which it is popular and prestigious to Canada and the entire film fraternity. The festival started on September 10 and lasted for 10 days. During the course of the festival, I volunteered most of the days at Roy Thomson Hall, which was the most prestigious venue for TIFF. On the opening night ceremony, it struck me. I was from then onwards going to not only be able to watch some of the best movies but also see international celebrities, and have fun and enjoy.

Each time I volunteered, I received vouchers as reward points. Sometimes I even got more than one depending on the number of hours, which could be redeemed to watch movies in TIFF. N made the best use of the vouchers. He watched almost 10 movies. The movies I watched are Agora (Spain), Soul Kitchen (German), Dil Bole Hadippa (India), Cracks (Ireland), The Waiting City (Australia), London River (France), Rec 2 (Spain), Whats your Rashee (India), Road Movie (India), Precious (USA), Enter the Void (France). Out of the list, I really enjoyed Soul Kitchen the best. I watched it with N and both of us were glad that we went for it. It is a German movie about a chef trying to manage his restaurant in his most troubled times. The best part of tiff movies is the variety of movies you can get exposed to. These foreign movies do not get a theatrical release here and very rarely gets a dvd release too. And the part I cherished was watching all these movies on the big screen in the most beautiful theaters for free. :)

To be continued….

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