Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It was yummy!

So, I am late in posting again. Anyway, I completed the Buche De Noel and it was yummy. N helped assemble the marzipan mushrooms and I assembled the log and it was beautiful. The cake was really yummy and I am sure to make this again for next Christmas.

Check out the pictures!

Marzipan- Made from time, will buy from store! :)

Mocha Buttercream- This was for the frosting of the log. The buttercream was so tasty I could have that with some whipped cream as dessert anytime!

The génoise Sheet- The Cake immediately after removing from the oven. Moist and nice!

The génoise cake with cream cheese filling- This was decadent and yummy! I added a little bit of rum too for a nice flavour

The cake after it is rolled into a log-hmm took me some time to figure it out...but it worked out!

The cake in the log shape with both sides cut and placed! The buttercream acts as a gum for the cake to stick.

After frosting the log!

Marzipan decorations- N helped with the mushroom. I somehow managed the leaves-dont ask me how.:)

After the final assembly!

Yaay! Buche De Noel!

I have some good news on the job front! Post coming soon...Watch this space. :)


alpine path said...

This looks so yummy!! :)
And keeping my eyes peeled for the job news ;)

Syrals said...

Thanks Alpine Path! Yes I got a job finally!!! Yaaayyy And I cannot tell you how happy I am now.

Being positive always, is the key I guess! :)