Thursday, February 22, 2007

From where to where?

I just came back from a visit to my hometown. Normally, on such occasions, friends at office come to know that I had visited home after one look at my face. They say that the freshness and the happiness really show. It’s like I thoroughly enjoy the break from work and prefer to be taken care of than the other way round routine. Today they actually asked me if I had really gone home watching me sulk repeatedly. "It was a wasted trip", I exclaimed. I lost my mobile, my precious Motorola L6 slvr or rather the ‘good’ looking guy who sat next to me in the train, filched it leaving me in total despair.

I am not very friendly when it comes to strangers in the train, especially with guys. It is merely the feeling of laziness which prevents me to actually continue a conversation initiated by a guy. A vague answer to his question and I am back to what I was busy doing. I mean, I have my own ways to pass time in the train. My Mp3 player and a recent copy of The Week or Woman’s Era is something I ensure before boarding the train. Apart from that, I sleep a lot so there the twelve hour over night journey comes to an end in no time.

This time, out of the ordinary, I actually blabbered with this guy who was going home for vacation. Maybe, I was too bored to even do the normal stuff like sleeping, reading or listening to music. Pretty much amused with his flattering talk and funky dressing sense, we talked about work, our home towns and finally landed up discussing about mobiles. Fascinated by my mobile, he took it and examined it for a while after which he approved the beauty of the slim handset. Soon after that, I asked him for his mobile and he showed me a very basic Nokia model. We chatted for some more time till I was bored of talking too.

Time passed by, and feeling sleepy, I climbed onto my berth and adjusted the mobile’s alarm (vibrate mode). Then, I realized that I have no pocket to keep it since I was unfortunately wearing a salwar kameez that day, contrary to the normal cotton pants I wear when I travel. Aware that I wouldn’t be able to feel the mobile vibrating in the bag, I kept it in the gap between my hands and my handbag and slept off. Well, anyone can ponder on the possible reason for me ensuring that I keep the alarm. Once on a similar train journey, instead of getting down in my hometown station, I woke up totally in a different city because of the simple reason that I slept off. That day, I had to come out of the AC coach of the train and catch a normal crowded local bus and travel another 3.5 hours to go back to my hometown.

Morning, I woke up frantically thinking that I again missed my station, but somehow I was lucky and realized that I got up just in time but to my utter dismay, I found out that my mobile was missing. I checked the whole area of the berth. Thinking of asking that guy for help I looked up at his berth, only to find him also missing. His station was to come much later than mine and I just couldn’t comprehend where he had disappeared. I sat there finally, exhausted and quivering not knowing what to do. The station I had to get down came into view and I slowly rose, took my bag and came out of the train with tears trickling down my face. It was the first time I was in tears reaching my home town. I was in a shock and it took me sometime to realize that he had stolen my mobile. The first prized possession, I bought with my own savings. :( I really couldn’t believe it even after I reached my home. One look at my phone’s charger and I felt very lonesome all of a sudden. The mobile I cherished, which was with me for 14 months was no longer in my hand. I was coming to terms with how much it was a part of my life. It was not only that the mobile’s gone but I also missed the appeal of how it looked and how I felt when I used to hold it in my hand. I mean, I was the first person to buy the moto slim phone in office and the phone itself was very famous over there. I bought it much before Abhishek Bachan started endorsing the phone too. Ok I guess that’s enough of regret for keeping the phone near my hand and not in my bag.

I really did not enjoy my holiday and I came back all irritated and sad. Last night, I bought a Nokia 2310, which is a basic model. From where to where? Moto slim slvr phone to Nokia basic model? I was so used to a slim and light mobile. Those days, I used to check my pocket umpteen number of times atleast, to make sure that my mobile is still inside the pocket. A smile lights up my face on the feeling that it is there.

Now when I slide the new phone inside my pant pocket, I can easily make out the difference. :(
Where are you, my moto?


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

At least get the SIM and the phone blocked. Sorry to hear about your disaster on the journey. Moral of the story: don't stare at cute guys on the train --- they steal your cell phones. :)

syrals said...

hehehe that was funny.

Yes, I got a duplicate SIM with my balance intact. I finally unearthed the IMEI number, will call up Motorola tomorrow and disable the phone. That guy is in for a surprise tomorrow, isn't he? :)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Unfortunately, not so. Technologies do exist that change cell phone IMEI numbers on phones as well. But lets hope that it is not James Bond that you're up against :)

alpine path said...

Well... I can understand your feelings. I recently lost a Nokia 6125 and have had to live with Nokia 3300 :( A very sad turn of events! How I miss my cell phone.