Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dreams Unlimited…

Alpine Path had tagged me so, here's the post about my bizarre dream.

I love dreaming, be it in the daytime or night time. Sometimes it can be beautiful ones, and otherwise also, I never bother since they can still be altered to seem beautiful. :) After a long time, I had a bizarre dream last night. So much in detail I could recall that I thought of writing it down before it vanishes into thin light. Yes, in my case most of the dreams I have, be it good or bad stays in my memory only the next day morning after which it totally gets erased for whatever unknown reasons. When I tried to remember the earlier bizarre dreams I have had, I was at a loss. I still went on thinking and thinking and maybe that was the reason for the last night’s bizarre dream. Well, sometimes you need to think of good stuff to dream about the same. The mind is very powerful that it can make you do what it actually wants. Wow I liked that line, isn’t it true? It is not my sudden discovery since S had just given me that along with a good piece of advice on something related to the above line today. She’s very good at that, wonder where she gets all that wisdom from.

Anyway, it goes like this. I was this entrepreneur traveling in my own helicopter (wow wow :D) to make it for some important meeting in another state. There was a tall dark handsome guy (Tdh) sitting next to me apart from the pilot in the copter. (I liked this part :) .) All of a sudden, the pilot looks at me with fear and tells me that there is a fuel problem and he needs to do emergency landing. I began to panic, thinking that I would be late for the meeting (when I should have thought that my life is in danger). Soon enough he asked us to wear the safety gear and tried to make an emergency landing. Half way through, he opened the door and asked both Tdh and me to jump. Without even looking down, I yelled at him for not landing. Tdh pushed me out, and with fear I opened my parachute only to realize that the ground was so near that I fell on the rough surface before my parachute could even open. (I actually felt the thud while I was sleeping.) I rose on my feet, and see a huge truck coming towards me in full speed. In a second, I pull tdh and we start running to the other end of the road. We reach the edge of the bridge and see the sea below. (Where did the sea suddenly come from? This is bizarre.)

Anyway, I realize that I am falling into the sea along with Tdh. (Here I felt the splash of the water and the sudden rush of chillness). Knowing swimming, I try my best to swim. However, I fail to even move a bit and I start panicking. (This is even more bizarre!!). No longer able to hold my breadth, I open my mouth and all the water rushes into my mouth and my nostrils get heavier. Frantically I start getting the pang of pain which electrified my body from head to toe. It lasted for a few seconds after which I started liking the feeling. I felt good and was drawn towards it (wonder what was it) more and more till I sensed some force pulling me from behind. I fight to go forward, till I give in to the force that was pulling me. The next moment, I open my eyes and realize that I am lying on the sand. I look up and see Tdh staring into my face with fear. (Dirty minds, well it is not what you all think. I just had a near-to-death experience in my dream.)

That’s when I woke up from my dream too. Maybe that opening eyes part in the dream made me do it in reality too. Anyway I was too tired to react to the tiring dream (come on, wasn’t the swimming incident in the dream tiring?). So I went back to sleep thinking who that Tdh was, trying hard to remember his face. :)

Here’s the tagging part. Please note, only bizzare dreams allowed. I am definitely going to enjoy reading the same. :)




Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Thats interesting! This dream should be renamed to 1001 ways of sticking with Mr. TDH! :)

The tag was about 3 dreams and 5 people, I suppose? What happened to the rest?

Cuckoo Susan James said...

Oooh.. dream away dears!! hwru... n hows everyone else at office... ? Keep posting dear.

syrals said...

Sudipta: hehehe that really hilarious. I liked it. :)

Unfortunately, like I related in the post, dreams don't stay in my memory for more than a day. :( More than that, it is very hard to remember them even the next day.
So, only one dream.

I don't read too many blogs regularly apart from yours and Sushine's. Thats the reason behind tagging only three people. :)

Cuckoo: Finally, a word from the most promising journalist yet to surface the media!!!

When are you completing your course?
Everyone's doing fine. :) Missing you out here. When are you coming down next?

alpine path said...

Hey! that was good... even if it was only one dream :) Still, I would have loved to read about your other dreams too... And tdh??? well, that was very interesting! ;) Glad that I tagged you.

syrals said...

Alpine Path:

:) Thanks.