Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lets talk about R in ‘SYRALS’

Nearly one year ago, I inaugurated my blog talking about L and her baby. The subsequent post discussed S too, and R pointed out that I did not talk about her. All of them are very dear to me and are my friends for the past seventeen years. I have never preferred one over the other, so there is no scope for feeling left out. Recently, I rang up R and wished her on her birthday and that’s when I thought maybe a post dedicated to her is the best gift I can give her. Hmm R, I hope you are listening. So, now lets talk about R in ‘SYRALS’.

I think it was in the third grade when both of us met. That’s a long time ago, though I clearly remember that after our first meeting, we did not even want to be in the same class. The reason was a bad fall out over some Hindi textbook. Now, when I think of it, it does feel really silly. Nevertheless, I am glad that it happened because that’s what brought us to be the friends we are today. It took us a while to get over the quarrel and become friends, since both of us had our own set of friends. In fact, my other set of friends included S and L. One quality of hers which I always admired was her beautiful voice. She used to sing so well that our teachers and the other students would ask her to sing whenever there was a free period. Back then, most of the singing classes also included her songs. It was during the 7th grade, that we became quite close with the comfort level to actually confide in each other. Soon enough, something terrible happened which made me feel very sorry for her. Her father passed away on a stroke. Her family became two from three, with mother and daughter left all alone. It was not sympathy that I felt for her but more like emptiness and grief, wondering what I could do to make her feel better.

The entire manner in which she handled her composure, struck me. I was flabbergasted. I am not sure if it was her innocent age or her maturity level, but she did come out of that and continued excelling in her studies. It was never hard work, but sheer intelligence which helped her in academics. She has received merit certificates for science talent exams conducted on all India level. I have seen her growing into a mature lady with lot of poise. Maybe, it is this serene quality of hers that makes me approach her for advice even now, after so many years. Sometimes, it was hard to see her battling with problems in life, like for instance, when her mother fell ill and had to be operated. Imagine a naive fifteen year old managing everything from her mother’s operation, to taking care of her post the operation, how much can she do? R did that and much more than that while continuing to be one of the best students in our school. I don’t think she attended most of the classes towards the end of the Xth standard, but she still managed to pull off a distinction in the ICSE exams. Always facing life’s toughest challenges with a smile, that what I remember her in school as.

‘Monalisa’, that’s what we used to call her in school, though the name has stayed over the years. Even now after the book ‘The Davinci Code’ has come out, she is still proud of the nickname she got stuck with, in school. Another quality of her which amazes me is that she has this rare ability, to think of a particular problem/situation in a third person’s perspective. Her singing went into a backseat as she grew up, maybe due to the pressure of the tribulations in life. It never gave a chance to revive her passion for singing. I have always forced her to consider singing at least once in a while, though that never did work out. Her father’s government job was always an impending offer, which her relatives forced her to consider. Knowing very well that it was not what she wanted to do, she continued to be strong at her stance. Today, biting all odds she has managed to overcome all her obstacles and go for what she truly believed in. I know in few months, she will pass out of her MBA in flying colors, work in her dream company and excel in life in every way. I would not be surprised, if she decides to start singing again. After all, all’s well that ends well, don’t you think R?

R, I truly cherish your friendship in every way and would like to say that you are one of the most wonderful friends; I have ever come across in my life. Keep going pal, there is so much more for you to achieve in life.

Readers, the link below has a song that was not playing earlier, due to some error in the code. I have fixed that now. Happy listening!


reema said...

Well syrals, that was really touching...why, that's an online biography of my life!! Finally,u've(sorry! I've noticed that you don't use abbreviations in your posts..great, let's do something for the cause of language!) come to your senses and talked about me in your blog...well,lets keep it a secret for the time being, otherwise S and L are going to be soooo pissed off!! Since you have been so good to me in your post...(I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M DOING THIS!!)
let me say a few good things about you too...
You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my life(you know too well that they are very few...). I really mean it.In today's shrewd and manipulative world, it is hard to come across true friends who stay with you through thick and thin...You are one of them. You've always been there for me,come what may(sob!sob!). You know one amazing thing about us..? Even if we are unable to talk to each other for long periods,it doesn't affect our friendship one teeny bit!We speak to each other as if we had last met a day ago!Isn't that amazing? So now,even though you are so far away from me, I don't think that it really affects me...It's because I know for a fact that you are always there for me as you know that I'm always there for you..(readers,please don't mistake us for homos!!!)
Syrals, I really treasure you and your friendship because it means the world to me...mind you,I'm not giving you a lifetime achievement award because babes,you have to suffer me for a whole lot of years ahead! Thank you for being such a darling..I LOVE YOU.......

syrals said...