Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The colors of autumn

It is soon going to be winter over here in Canada. Of course, it would be my first experience with extreme cold conditions and I am definitely not dreading it. When something is inevitable, you might as well take it as it comes rather than ponder and worry about it. I have been warned by many using various techniques of describing how terribly cold, the winter can be. The only consolation I wanted back then was to do a satisfying winter clothes shopping and that is exactly what I ended up doing. :) Another good reason to shop, isn’t it?

Being a nature lover, I have been observing the little changes around, like the foggy early mornings, the distinct color of leaves, the bird’s flocking, a thin line of chillness in the air with the sun still shining bright and the tingling cool breeze.

It was the colors of autumn, subtle yet breathtaking. Somewhere a scintillating orange was beckoning while red, pink, yellow, green and brown followed in unison. I walk to my workplace everyday and while on the run (sometimes I am late, well you know old habits never die:P), I get to admire the colors of the autumn. Sometimes sad, but yet serene. Sad, when I think of the times all of that has to fade and fall. And still serene because of the composure with which it holds together. Take a look.

Foggy early mornings

View from my balcony ( of course not taken standing on the balcony :P)

On the way to my work place

The highway bridge I have to cross. Phew! Imagine if I fall into the highway, sometimes I do feel that when the wind blows.

If only I had the closer view of those colors

Still on the bridge

Isn't that beautiful?


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Lovely pics! BTW, long time no posts either --- didn't know you were in Canada! :)

syrals said...

Thanks! Yeah, it’s almost been three months since I came here. I took a long vacation after my wedding and ended up being very lazy. The direct outcome of that was no post. :P