Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Readers, this post is dated November 4th.

It is one year since I began my blog and this is my twenty first post. Even though I am happy that my creation completed one year, I feel slightly bad that the number of posts were very less. Even if I had written one post every month, I could have easily crossed 24. Well, you see my readers, at first my blog was left dormant since I was too much into the preparations for my wedding in June. :P Post the wedding, the blog was further inactive since I was on a long vacation travelling on my honeymoon. And then I relocated to Toronto, so you see, it took me a while to get back into the flow. :P

I guess my New Year resolution would be to post regularly without fail. Now, the first paragraph is just to console myself, not even to convince the readers. I have that odd habit of consoling myself once in a while. Well, the outcome is fruitful with me automatically feeling better. I remember when I used to buy groceries from the store, wait a minute, did I ever mention that buying groceries over here is an art? It is so costly that you need to know from where to get what. In addition, when to buy also turns out to be vital for sustainability, be it short term or long term. I ended up understanding the second part only after experiencing it; well err the ‘mistake’.

There is a super grocery store right next to my apartment. I was never inclined into buying stuff until I started seeing interesting fliers of the same store delivered into my mail box on Thursdays. On one such Thursday, when I took a closer look into the flier, I was surprised to see the discounts offered. The same day, I went into the store and purchased all the items I was sure were on discounts. When I checked out, the bill showed that the items were on the mark up price and not discounted. On reaching home, I checked the stupid flier once more carefully scanning each and every page to realize that in a small tiny corner was this written, *“Effective from this Friday to next Thursday”. I could have very well returned the stuff that day and purchased it the next day, returning stuff being the normal practice in North America. The only problem is that I feel very embarrassed when I return stuff. So, I had to bear the loss, but at the end of the whole incident the lesson was learnt. From then on, I have been very careful; so in essence sometimes mistakes are good. Perfection beholds from far from the next time. See, again I am consoling myself. :P

Time has flown by, things have changed but some habits never change!

I would like to wish all my readers a very prosperous Diwali. :)


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hahhaa... yeah you need to read the fine print on everything in this continent. But glad to know that you're settling well. Do keep posting --- a la your first paragraph! :)

syrals said...

Thanks Sudipta, that was quite encouraging.:) Hope you are having fun too.