Sunday, March 23, 2008

A view which can chill you!

Some pictures to remember the last few days of winter in Toronto. :)

View from the balcony! Scary?

It was real sharp! Kind of an ice stalactite as opposed to the normal calcium carbonate stalactite. :)

Spring was right on the corner so the snow was melting but never knew it could take this kind of shape on the roof,

It was nice to see the snow melt but somehow I knew it would take quite a long time for the whiteness to disappear. Well, the above picture proves that. I still found it hard to believe that spring had officially arrived!

What can I say, I am enjoying every bit of the chillness. :P


Cuckoo Susan said...

Hmmm... it seems u r enjoying. Nooooo... how can I not remember you? Let us meet each other through our blogs!!!

syrals said...

Nice to hear that. So, hope everything is going on well for you. Mail in when you get time. :)