Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Work, work and more work....

Dear readers,

I am sure you are having fun. Well, if you ask me, no I am not!

I am bombarded with work.

More and more work. Three projects at the same time.

And of course stressed too.....

I need a BREAK.

Expectations from boss rising. Well, she is not really familiar with
Art Of Living's first teaching yet. Expectations reduces joy!

Bad for me!

My home laptop crashed.

The office laptop is given for repair due to a hardware problem.

I am expected to submit one project by Friday.

How am I working now?

Using a desktop which is pretty fine...AS OF NOW!

And.........surprise surprise!!!!!!!

I AM waking up early nowadays, reaching office early too.

And...of course working and working.

So, basically I am in a soup.

I apologize for not updating my blog. As soon as I finish this project, I will make up for the past two weeks. Keep smiling and have fun. :P


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Oh well, life without stress ain't no fun. :) Good luck with the project!

syrals said...

Hey thanks Sudipta! :)