Monday, June 23, 2008

Three years and still on....

So I am back. It took me a while but I am back to my favourite pastime. Work never ceased and so I never got time. I would never complain about work, since I enjoy doing it but I definitely feel bad that I had to abandon my blog for a while. Well you know after work, cooking, cleaning and again work... the cycle goes on. To top it all cooking is something I really enjoy, so you see there is never a moment of regret. Of course my husband ‘N’ is subject to all the experimentation. I guess he has no other choice. : )

Now, my work is really important to me. I am not a hard worker so it is kind of exhilarating and overwhelming. I am glad to complete three years in my job. I kind of feel like it is a landmark. Maybe because it is my first job and work is always hectic. There is always one or the other project on. Sometimes more than one but it still keeps life interesting. Like a good learning experience.

So, it is nice to have the job you actually enjoy doing and a kind boss who always understands and supports you. However, the wish to become an entrepreneur someday, does not go away.

Well I guess it is good to have an unaccomplished ambition. : )

Have fun and keep enjoying!

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