Wednesday, August 13, 2008

26 already? No way!!

I am in India right now. Actually I am on vacation for my sister's wedding. There was so much to do. Inviting, visiting relatives, shopping and with all that comes a huge bit of travelling too!

However, I suddenly realized that it was my birthday. I am turning 26 on August 14. I just can't believe that I am nearing THIRTY! I need a break! I need to go on a cruise. I want to go vacation in Europe. I want to get through Mckinsey`s Aerospace & Defense Practice. And very soon I will want to start a family! Seems endless I guess.

Ok, now on I am just going to relish and really live every moment, instead of missing out on the very precious one life we all have by creating endless lists of ambitions... Well at least that will be more like my normaly self, which is....

Live life to the fullest every moment!

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