Friday, October 03, 2008

Back to Toronto!

We came back to Toronto on the 3rd of September. Now, you may all wonder what took me so long to post. Well, I have to just say that it is better late than never! So here we are, back to ‘our home away from home’. Hmm...Why do I call it like that?

My sister’s wedding was on August 16. It was very beautiful. The entire function and the day. She looked gorgeous and we were all proud of her. I stood by her side to make sure it was her happiest day. At the end of it, somewhere in me, I had an inexplicable feeling. It started when it was time for her to leave to her in-laws. A feeling like a part of me was going away. Oh don’t get me wrong here. Definitely it was such a heart warming experience to see her get married to her love. They do look good together and love each other a lot. I know for sure that she will be very happy and also taken care of very well. However, something was bothering me. Like I said earlier, I did not really know what, back then.

Now when I look back I can easily consider few things. It could be the fact that from then on, she had to stay with her in-laws more than her own family. Something, like I would not be able to be close with her as earlier. Or that, she has to get adjusted to new surroundings and new people. All of this until they go back to their own apartment, in another city where they both work. It was almost like she was being uprooted from her own family and put into new one. One, which she would have to live with, more than the other one. If only the Indian tradition could be changed. Like instead of the girl moving to her in-laws, the guy should move to the girl’s place. :)

I think now most of my uneasiness has gone away or is slowly fading away. Maybe it helps to see her happy and enjoying married life. She is also going to be here in Toronto for a short while.

So the 40 days vacation we had gave me a lot. Some reality checks, some sadness, a lot of happiness and most importantly the feeling of being ‘at home’.

After all, home is where the heart is, isn’t it?

Have a nice weekend!

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